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Marital Agreements

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Premarital Agreements, Cohabitation agreements/pre-registration agreements
Philip J Hoskins Marital Agreements Los Angeles Marital Agreements: Clarify your decisions and agreements to help you each make appropriate decisions regarding savings, career goals/plans, sharing of assets and debts, property purchases/residential decisions. Act consistently to make sure the "paper" reality is consistent with the heartfelt reality!

Couples should consider whether California Family Law is a good fit for your particular relationship. Often it is not and modifications can be made through Agreements, either before or during a Marriage or a Domestic Partnership.

When is a marital agreement indicated?

Either a premarital or post marital agreement is suggested if:
  • Either or both of you owns separate property assets
  • Sharing income as community property would jeopardize SSI or other such payments for one of you
  • One has significant debts
  • You simply want to take advantage of the benefits of marriage but not the community property laws

I can help you either prepare or review such an Agreement at affordable rates. Give me a call (310) 209-8080 or an email to get started or discuss your options.