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When to start Estate Planning

Most of us postpone creating an Estate Plan.  Some postpone until it is too late and then those that follow us suffer.  Some of the common considerations are that we may feel we don't have a large enough estate to worry about; we are too young; everything we own is joint property.

All of these reasons have some validity and should be taken into account. One of the main problems is that death has a way of happening when we least expect it.  Another problem is that sometimes we think everything is taken care of when in fact it is not.

I recommend that especially when you are starting a family, getting married, or forming a new relationship, you speak with an estate planning attorney about your situation and get professional advice.  You will then have the satisfaction of knowing you have done what you can to take care of your needs and those who depend upon you.

Over the years I have seen many people grapple with the question of whether to engage in estate planning or not. I have seen many postpone the matter until it is too late.

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What to do when a loved one dies

When a loved one dies, the details that need to be taken care of by survivors may be particularly overwhelming during such an emotional time.  A summary of some of the initial steps can be found here.

If the person who has passed on did not create a revocable trust, their estate will probably need to go through court Probate.  I urge you to consult with me or another experienced attorney regarding the probate process soon after the death of the loved one.

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For expert assistance and advice, you should seek the help of a Los Angeles probate lawyer. Call the Law Office of Philip J. Hoskins today



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